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This is a free-listing page for the promotion of hotels in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore. Listings are made from information from media advertisements, banners, hoardings, brochures, and emails from hotel managements. Some information may be out-of-date, and visitors are advised to check directly with the hotels for latest information on facilities, availability and rates. Listings do not constitute endorsements by and this is not the official site of any of the hotels listed. Where hotels have arrangements with us to take reservations, there is a "Reservation Enquiry" page set-up for it.

Many visitors enquired what money do we make from this "free-lsiting"!!

The answer is:
For the year 2005, we have formed a club, "The PenangResort Enlightened Millionaire Club" where we have pledged to raise USD 1 million for charity. You can participate and be a member of this club in the following manner:

For Hoteliers:
  1. Banner advertisement: We have about 6,000 hits per week and you can have an advertisement banner in our site and the cost will be by giving us accommodation vouchers or meal vouchers for use at your outlets. We will auction these vouchers and donate the money to a charity of your choice. The receipt of money received by the charity will be made in the name of your organisation. You will receive a certificate as a member of "The PenangResort Enlightened Millionaire Club";

  2. You can "sell" accommodation and meal vouchers at our site at a promotion price and donate part of the sale to a charity of your choice;

  3. You can announce special promotion events at our site and donate part of proceeds to charity of your choice.
For Travellers:
  1. Participate in the various auctions for accommodation and meal vouchers for charity;

  2. Participate in our various other promotions;

  3. Stay at "The PenangResort Enlightened Millionaire Club" hotels and restaurants.
All promotions will also be carried in our free "e-LastMinute" newsletter sent to specially targetted customers of the travel industry.

We hope you will find our listings useful and we welcome your feedback.

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