Maqui SuperBerry, Highest Antioxidant Superfruit of the world is available in Malaysia from KBY Network, a master-distributor of Novelle International Inc., USA.

Maqui (mah-kee) are shiny deep-purple berries that grow wild on pristine rich soils along the Andes Mountains of Southern Chile extending to Antartica - one of the cleanest places on earth. Native Indians of the Patagonia Region have long revered Maqui for its miraculous healing power and as a food for stamina and strength.

Modern lifestyle, stress and pollution in the environment and the food we eat cause the release of free radicals in our body and this is the culprit that causes all the damages to our body cells leading to chronic diseases and illnesses.

Scientific testing has shown the antioxidant content of Maqui to be the highest of any known fruit in the planet. It is rich in anthocyanins, polyphenols and resveratrol - antioxidants that protect the body from free-radical damage to cells, organs and metabolic systems.

Maqui Superberry has 4,000 ORAC Value - Certified by Brunswick Laboratories to be 8 to 30 times higher in Orac Value to average Acai, Goji, Noni, Mangosteen and Pomegranate products.

Maqui SuperBerry supports Healthy Inflammatory Function, Healthy Ageing, Healthy Immune System, Healthy Metabolism for Weight Control, Cardiovascular Health, Healthy Blood Sugar, Healthy Skin. Provides Energy, Strength and Stamina, Rich in Vitamin C and Potassium.

3 Ways to get your Maqui SuperBerry:

1. Be a Consumer. Shop online.

2. Join our network, get quantity discounts and share with friends, no joining fees as we are not MLM :

  • RM140.00 per bottle order.
  • RM130.00 per bottle for orders of 6 bottles.
  • RM90.00 per bottle for orders of 24 bottles and above.

    3. Be A Leader, and enjoy the following benefits:

    a) Forward our MyMaqui website for recruitment and sales, FREE brochures, FREE print media advertisements if you have a shop;

    b) Leadership Bonus of RM500.00 everytime your total orders reach 100 bottles: If you order 6 bottles a month, you will reach 100 bottles in 17 months; or you get 17 friends to join your team and each orders 6 bottles a month, you will reach 100 bottles in a month and each of you will get an additional RM5.00 bonus per bottle, while you get an over-ride of RM2.50 per bottle on overyone's purchase, including your own. When your team member breaks away, you over-ride his whole team purchases RM2.50 per bottle. You can make thousands a month just from Leadership Bonuses if you start now. You can open your own shop or supply to retail outlets in your town.

    c) Weekly Bonuses paid weekly for the difference in quantity prices on orders placed by your team members. If 5 of your members ordered one bottle each at RM140.00 in a particular week, you will get creditted to your bank account RM140.00-RM90.00 = RM50.00 x 5 = RM250.00 bonus for that week. This Weekly Bonuses start immediately every week.

    Payouts of bonuses made only upon minimum RM100.00 earned. To maintain your position in the network you need only one bottle a month.


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